3D design and prototyping

What is 3D prototyping

Do you have a new idea and want to test it? 3D rapid prototyping is for you. 3D prototyping is the process that allows the physical realization in real scale of a prototype starting from the design in three dimensions of an object.

3D design and prototyping

The advantages

3D prototyping has incredible potential and offers great benefits to companies during the design phase of a product. Let’s see the main ones.


Short time

When you have a new idea, you can quickly test it with 3D prototyping.



The creation of a 3D prototype has precise dimensions and thicknesses, without deformation.



You used to need molds and injection techniques. Now design and mold in seconds.



Less time, less money, less mistakes before launching the right product on the market.

We create your prototype

Types of moulding of plastics

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