Overall Equipment Effectiveness

What is OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (“Overall Efficiency of the Productive Resource”) is a performance index (KPI) to measure the production capacity of a production company. OEE helps to give a complex and general measure of the health of the plant or production line.

OEE - Performance index

The advantages

The market is becoming increasingly competitive. For this reason, the OEE project immediately brings important advantages. These include:


Continuous monitoring

Measurement of production efficiency according to objective parameters.Measurement of production efficiency according to objective parameters.


Constant improvement

Identify and eliminate sources of inefficiency to optimize production.


Production of quality

The continuous monitoring of each plant guarantees a quality production process.


Reliable partners

For our customers, the guarantee of cooperating with reliable and efficient partners.

Calculation components of the OEE

Parameters and OEE calculation

The OEE is a global indicator that includes different types of inefficiency, such as setup and setup times, incorrect planning, scraps and rework. The formula for calculating the OEE formula is the product of the three fundamental components of production performance: Availability x Performance x Quality.



It is the ratio of worked time to available time.



It is the relationship between the parts really worked compared to the parts theoretically workable.


Produced quality

It is the percentage ratio between compliant parts to the total produced parts.