The group Eco-Plast S.r.l.

Eco-Plast, founded in 1973 by a workshop, over the years has gained experience and technical skills that have distinguished it for professionalism and know-how.

The continuous research of new technologies has led the company to invest in cutting-edge machinery offering a complete service starting from the design, manufacture of molds, stamping and finishing of the particular. From direct injection techniques to 2k moulding (double injection), gas-assisted printing, to the finishing of the workpiece with the cutting-edge department of screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping (hot-stamping).


The constant cooperation and training of the staff allow the company to provide reliability and quality at the highest levels, in this regard and regularly the company offers staff training courses by specialized technicians. The wide range of services also includes assembly and assembly of parts, complementary to the product, allowing the customer to receive a complete service, optimizing the costs.

The goal of the company is to provide its services with professionalism and reliability with the ultimate goal of creating a high-quality product, with this purpose, The customer can count on our staff of more than 75 employees divided into various sectors and able to offer with their skills and technologies the best solutions studied according to the application sector and customer needs.

A relevant part of our work is carried out in the small and large household appliance, electro medical, agricultural, commodities and many other industrial sectors, where we cooperate with the most important brands in their various fields.

In the ’80s, we developed a Houseware division,this has allowed us to open up to another sector with our brands Biesse and Robex and to position ourselves both on the Italian market as leader but also on international markets where currently the company is present in 27 countries (USA, Europe, Asia, Africa).


Let’s play our part

Eco-plast has always been attentive to respect for the environment and its conservation and for this reason has chosen to adopt green practices in the company. Our commitment to environmental sustainability includes organizational and management tools to reduce the impact of the company’s activity on the ecosystem:

    Efficient production cycle
    Electricity from renewable sources
    Circular economy
    Quality since 1973

    Why choose Eco-Plast

    Those who have worked with us know this. We are very attentive to the satisfaction of the customer and all the people involved in our business. The goal: to be a reliable partner.



    Every day we work to improve our service and your products.



    The guarantee of a quality production process monitored and certified.



    We are committed to reducing the impact of activity on the ecosystem.