Printing on plastic materials

Screen printing, pad printing, film and hot stamping

Plastics molding is the set of all those technologies and transformation processes that allow the production of components made of polymeric material through the use of a mold. The plastics molding process involves several different types of molding, to be chosen according to your needs.


Types of printing on plastic and other materials

The types of molding over the years have differed according to the material to be processed, the shapes you wish to obtain, and the physical characteristics the product must have.


Screen printing

The color passes onto the substrate through a microperforated film. Only part of the pigment passes through the mask and is deposited on the object, following the geometry of the perforation.


Pad printing

The graphic is imprinted on the object using a pad, which is soft and flexible. With the pad printing technique, pigment is transferred from a flat plate to the surface of the substrate.


Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a printing process that transfers pigment from a colored film to an object. It combines heat and pressure and is applicable on all surfaces.



We produce films of all formats in-house for the production and making of cliches using professional bromographs.