Plastic assembly

Why choose plastic assembly?

In addition to plastic molding and quality control, we deal with plastic assembly of parts and components to provide our customers with a finished and assembled product of precision and absolute quality.

Plastic assembly

The advantages

The additional plastic assembly service has many advantages for companies. Here are the main ones:


Simplified logistics

You don’t have to buy sheds, machinery and personnel: we take care of everything.


Fast production

Logistical “downtime” is minimized for faster production.


Guaranteed quality

Entrust the assembly of your products to a company and experienced and competent professionals.


Economic saving

Save time, save money and save yourself thoughts problems. Save on all fronts.

Other types of accessory services

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Eco-Plast provides its customers with various ancillary services to meet all production needs. Learn about our ancillary services.


Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a process that allows two thermoplastic parts to weld together without the need for glues or additives through mechanical vibration.


Painting and chrome plating

Eco-Plast has equipment and machines for painting and chrome plating plastics of any size, in short time and with quality workmanship.


Mold making

With a view to offering our customers a complete molding service, we also undertake the design and production of thermoplastic molds.